Newpolis is a forward-looking organization that champions meaningful dialogue in its capacity as a modern-day agora, where the exchange of ideas, philosophies, and universal values is passionately encouraged.

The drastic changes and major challenges that the global community has been confronted with in the 21st century has necessitated an unprecedented amount of collaboration and communication. 

Newpolis meets this demand for enhanced cooperation by bringing together decision-makers of the future – primarily from the world’s foremost academic institutions – with world-renowned leaders and the progressive, impact-driven companies, governmental institutions, and international bodies that they represent.

The value attributed to vigorous discussion, a diversity of perspectives, and inclusion are a fundamental part of our community. Newpolis’ avant-garde approach to participation, involvement of accomplished students and young professionals along with our innovative use of an online platform is what makes us so special.

Newpolis is unparalleled in the breadth and scope of its vision, mission and potential by virtue of our appreciation and adaptation to new patterns of behaviour and contemporary approaches to the consumption of current events.