About us

Newpolis, a platform, a forum, a community

Newpolis is a global community that brings together 1000+ students and young professionals from the world’s finest academic institutions – including Columbia, Berkeley, Cambridge, King’s College London, LSE, HEC Paris, Sciences Po, Sorbonne, and MGIMO – to discuss and find new answers to forthcoming world challenges.

How ?

Newpolis offers online and offline masterclasses, meet-ups and executive training sessions in major cities (Paris, London, Moscow) with change-makers  in politics, business, entrepreneurship and AI 

We provide our partners, affiliates, and members with a vast range of opportunities including : the chance to craft and contribute to the development of new approaches aimed at addressing contemporary issues, the potential to advance their own projects and initiatives, and the ability to genuinely learn from one another by joining an international community.

University Graduates & Young Professionals can 

▪ Develop a global network by engaging with peers and prodigious figures with diverse backgrounds, 

▪ Improve their soft skills through master classes, 

▪ Discover new career opportunities.

Companies can

▪ Improve brand awareness 

▪ Actively recruit from among the very best graduates and young professionals

Leaders can

▪ Share knowledge and experience with ambitious young people from whom they can learn something themselves 

 Be challenged too

▪ Have the opportunity to meet future partners 

Newpolis has developed active student communities in Paris, London and Moscow.

Anne-Marie IDRAC

Former French Minister and CEO of the SNCF/RATP


Alexandre ORLOV

Former Russian Ambassador to France



CEO of Alstom Russia



Co-founder of Gemmyo



Venture capitalist and professor at Cambridge